Cardano Marlowe Runtime

Marlowe Runtime is the application backend for managing Marlowe contracts on the Cardano blockchain. It provides easy-to-use, higher-level APIs and complete backend services that enable developers to build and deploy enterprise and Web3 DApp solutions using Marlowe, but without having to assemble the “plumbing” that manually orchestrates a backend workflow for a Marlowe-based application. For more technical information about Marlowe, you can go to the official documentation (opens in a new tab).

To use extension for Marlowe Runtime, you just have got to your Demeter (opens in a new tab) project console and browse the available extensions, this will show you a catalog of open-source tools that you can connect to your project.

You'll see the available API instances, select the one that matches the Cardano network you want to use.

Once enabled, you'll have the required API endpoints to start using it.

You can also expose this instance to be consumed by external applications.