Create your first project

Create your First Project

A project holds all your infrastructure, from dev workspaces to Cardano nodes. To create a new project and start building, follow these steps:

  1. From the home page, select the Projects button.
  2. Once there, select the New Project + button.

The creation of a new project includes a series of steps detailed below:

  1. Give your project a name and a description (this last one is optional).
  2. Select an organization: Every project belongs to an organization. You can use one of your existing organizations or create a new one. A default Organization is automatically created with your Account creation.
  3. Select the Create Project button.

After creating your project, you'll be redirected to the Admin page. If you don't have a payment method for your organization, you can add one by selecting a saving plan or buying DCUs individually with the Add payment method button.

Access the Development Console

It's easy to access the Development console for any of the projects you have created or have been invited as a Collaborator.

From the Projects screen, just select the open button on the Project Card you want to access.

You will be immediately re-directed to the Development Console. This is where all the magic happens. Take your time to explore the extensions available and play around with the tools provided.