Manage your extensions

How to manage your extensions

Each Project you create in Demeter (opens in a new tab) has access to all resources available, but you are the one in control of which resource you want to have enabled, depending on your usage needs. To view the complete list of resources you can access your Project Development Console:

  1. Go to the home page and select the Projects button.
  2. Select the Open button of the project you want to work with to access the Development Console.
  3. In the Resources tab, select the Add resource button.
  4. Now you can see all the resources available.

Enable resources

To enable a resource, just select the Deploy button for the resource of your choice and follow the detailed steps. This typically involves connecting to the node through your preferred network and, in the case of workloads, configuring the container, add the environment variables needed for your image to run, and select the container size, among other things.

Disable extensions

To disable a resource, just select resource and click on the switch button of the instance that you were connected to. When you disable a resource, it will stop consuming DCUs, so it's very important to enable the resources you need when you need them.