Manage your teams

Manage your Teams

Demeter (opens in a new tab) gives you multiple options for managing your Projects, from single-person access to big organizations and teams. In this section, you will learn how to handle various teams; invite and remove members from your Organization, and set your Project collaborators to allow other users to access your project.

Manage your Organization Members

Adding and removing members of your Organization is accessible from your Organization Admin screen.
To access your Organization settings, click on your Profile picture and select the Organizations option from the menu.

When you create an account with Demeter (opens in a new tab), a default Organization will be generated automatically. You can use this Organization for managing your Team members. Creating new organizations makes it easy to manage multiple teams to allow access to different projects.

Click on the Admin button in your Organization card to access Settings. Access the Members tab for managing your team members in the Organization Settings.

You can send as many invites as you want by email address. It is not a requirement that the user you are inviting is already a user of Demeter (opens in a new tab)

At this stage, the invite can be CANCELED or RE-SENT. If the invite is Canceled, the user cannot accept it from the email link.

Once the user accepts the invite in their email, the user will show up as a member of your Organization. An Organization member cannot access the Organization Settings; they can only be set as Collaborators of an Organization project.

It is currently not supported in Demeter (opens in a new tab) to invite users to your Organization with a Role other than Member. Only the user who created the Organization has Owner permissions and access to the Organization Settings.

Set your Project Collaborators

When selecting a project, as an Organization owner, you can assign as many collaborators as you want from the Team tab. Select the users who should have access to the Project Console and press the Set Collaborators button.

Collaborators can only open a Project; they do not have access to the Setting section. Only Organization Members can be set as Collaborators for a Project.

The admin option is available only for projects under an organization for which your user is an Owner.

Managing multiple teams

In the case you need to have different users with permissions to specific Projects, you can manage your teams in different ways:

Create an Organization per Team

You can have as many Organizations as you need. You can have an Organization per Team and set all Organization's Members as Project Collaborators.

Single Organization

If you want to add all your users to the same Organization, setting access at the Project level is still possible. From the Teams tab, you can select only the user from your Organization who should have access to the project.

There is currently no functionality implemented for creating teams within an Organization; this means you will have to manage permissions at the individual level.