Blockfrost RYO

Blockfrost RYO

This page provides instructions on how to interact with the Blockfrost RYO service offered by Demeter.

About Blockfrost RYO

Blockfrost RYO is an API for Cardano decentralized blockchain. Accessing and processing information stored on the blockchain is not trivial. It provides abstraction between you and blockchain data, taking away the burden of complexity, so you can focus on what really matters - developing your applications. More information can be found on the Github repository (opens in a new tab).

Demeter implementation

Each Demeter cluster provides highly-available, multi-tenant instances of Blockfrost RYO. A caching layer is also added over the instance for reduce latency and improve the perfomance of the service. Requests to these instances are load balanced. When creating a project in Demeter you get access to Blockfrost RYO for getting information from a DBSync instance connected to a Node running in the network of your choosing. Demeter Blockfrost RYO will consume DCUs from your project's wallet proportional to the volume of the requests. If no requests are executed, Demeter will not charge anything.

The free tier includes 120 requests per minute, with a maximum of 50000 requests per day.

The following endpoints are unavailable:

  • /network
  • /pool/{pool_id}
  • /pools/extended

If these endpoints are needed, please contact the support team.

Enabling Access

To enable access in your project, you need to add a Cardano Blockfrost RYO resource:

  1. Login to Demeter.run (opens in a new tab)
  2. Select your project (opens in a new tab)
  3. From your project's dashboard, click "Add Resource"
  4. Find the resource "Cardano Blockfrost RYO Port" card and click on the "Deploy" button
  5. Enable a shared instance in the cluster using your preferred network.

Getting started

Demeter provides access points from inside and outside the Workspace cluster.

  • HTTP Endpoint URL: The HTTP endpoint where the Blockfrost RYO instance is running (eg: blockfrost-m1.demeter.run).

  • API Key: The key for authenticating, will need to be set on the header dmtr-api-key header.

  • HTTP Authenticated Endpoint URL: The publicly accessible hostname of the Blockfrost RYO instance, but with the key set on the hostname without necessary to set it on the header, for use in frameworks that do not support setting custom headers. (eg: KEY.blockfrost-m1.demeter.run).