This page provides instructions on how to interact with the UTxO RPC service offered by Demeter.

About UTxO RPC Port

UTxO RPC (u5c for short) is an interface tailored for interactions with UTxO-based blockchains, prioritizing performance and developer experience. By providing a common contract, a range of SDKs, and thorough documentation, UtxoRpc aims to facilitate seamless integration across an heterogenous ecosystems of clients and data providers. Utilizing event-driven patterns and the capabilities of Proto3, the interface supports efficient communication, cross-language compatibility, and adaptability between systems.

Enabling Access

To enable access in your project, you need to add a Cardano UTxO RPC Port resource:

  1. Login to Demeter.run (opens in a new tab)
  2. Select your project (opens in a new tab)
  3. From your project's dashboard, click "Add Resource"
  4. Find the resource "Cardano UTxO RPC Port" card and click on the "Deploy" button
  5. Click "Create Resource"
  6. Select the network to connect
  7. Click "Create Resource" once again