This page provides instructions on how to interact with the Cardano Node service offered by Demeter.

About Node

The cardano-node is the top-level repository for the node, which also aggregates components from other packages: consensus, ledger and networking, configurations, CLI, and logging and monitoring. The node no longer incorporates wallet or explorer functionality. The wallet backend and explorer backend are separate components that run in separate external processes that communicate with the node via local IPC.

Demeter Implementation

This feature provides access to a fully-synced, mutualized Cardano node that can be used to interface with the blockchain. The node is managed as part of the shared infrastructure of the Tilth cluster. It can be accessed from a workspace through unix sockets or as a relay node though an internal TCP socket.

Demeter Cardano Node access will consume DCUs from your project's wallet a fixed monthly value.

Enabling Access

To enable access in your project, you need to add a Cardano Node Port resource:

  1. Login to Demeter.run (opens in a new tab)
  2. Select your project (opens in a new tab)
  3. From your project's dashboard, click "Add Resource"
  4. Find the resource "Cardano Node Port" card and select it
  5. Click "Create Resource"
  6. Select the Cardano network you want to access
  7. Click "Create Resource" once again

Getting Started

Once created, your Cardano Node Port resource will present you with the required information to access using TCP:

  • public dns: the publicly accesible hostname of the Cardano Node instance